Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dominique Levy for Sale!

Here are some better pictures of the Dominique Levy items I have for sale. I was asked for a price list, which I still wasn't able to figure out. First because, I clearly do not remember how much I bought each pièces from Dominique in 2000. (I could ask her but it wouldn't be very cool to disturb her,  asking for prices just to sell my collection, rather than to buy). So here are some prices, which I believe are reasonable. If you wish to contact me for discussion, please don't hesitate: (I do take time to respond, as I have many daily emails, asking about other artists I have. I apologize in advance!)

To answer some of your questions: I ship from Switzerland, but shipping is reasonable considering the small boxes they can be packed in. I expect paypal. Prices are in Euro but I can convert them for you if you wish. Descriptions are sometimes in french, and I can translate as well!

Coupelle Pensée: €200.- / Small double Pensée: €200.- / Large double Pensée: €300.-

Large Barbotines Fruits: €160.-
Medium Barbotines Fruits: €150.-
Asperges: Teapot: €150.- / Big plate: €200.- / Yellow: €150.- / Blue: €120.-
Tête: €150.- each
Vase Olive: €250.-/ Soupière Olive €250.-
Coupe Rose-Oiseau: €350.- / Coupe Iris: €300.-
Roses: Coupelle: €150.- / Vase: €200 / Petit plat coquille rose: €120.-
Terrine Lapin: €220.- / Terrine Poussin: €180.- / Terrine Canard: €300.-
Pichet Lierre: €350.- / Pichet 2 poignées Lierre: €300.- / Broc cuvette Lierre: €300 (comes with a small basin not pictured).
Pichets: Coq: €150.- / Raisin: €150.- / Pichet: €180.-
Citrons: Pichet €150,- / Petit Vase: €150.-
Terrine Frog: €220.- / Coupelle Lizard Rose: €300.-
Plat Poisson: €350.- / Plat Artichaut: €300.-
Petit Quimper: €100.- each
Humpty Dumpty: €50 each
Mickey Mouse set: €60.-
Terrine coq: €150.-
Teapot Frog: Black €150.-/ Green: €150.-
Teapot Fruits: €150.- each
Soupière Courge: €150.-
Teapots:  €150.- each
Teapots: €150.- each
Vase Roses: €300.-
Teapot Santa: €150.-

Teddies in a box (Teddy by Dominique Levy and box by MP Créations) Rare and so cute!

Marcia Backstrom for Sale!

As promised, I found a better camera and here are some better pictures of the Marcia Backtrom dolls. These are not the replicas and are the originals,  purchased in 2000. They are initialed and numbered on the bottom of their shoes.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Heirlooms by Susan for Sale!

As many of you already know, I am sadly selling most of my miniature collection. However, I have been really slow in sorting and unpacking what I wish to sell, between my home renovation and my job. I really need to sit down and take one item at a time, take a photo and put it here or on other sites. 

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